It’s been well over two years since I’ve taken the time to create a pitch.  These days, my work keeps me busy, but there are always ideas floating around in the back of my mind – videos or series I’d love to be involved with or produce.

Videos I believe the public will love and that can help create awareness.

I started this business because I believe strongly in science literacy.  But, the reality of the science explainer is that it’s meant to be kept short.

The challenge is finding the balance between adequately exposing your audience to something new in a (very) short time frame while retaining scientific accuracy.

Because you can’t educate someone fully within two to five minutes.

And, you shouldn’t try.  The goal of a good science explainer should be to raise awareness, spark curiosity and, hopefully, start conversations.

I digress.

Why a series about dogs?

This idea is born out of my love for dogs (selfish perhaps) and for the ones I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my home with.


My husband and I started adopting retired racing greyhounds over a decade ago.  Over the years, we’ve had the honor of owning four of these wonderful creatures. They’ve all passed on, but my interest in the dog genome as an ex-scientist and animator is based on how they all died. We lost all four to cancer and, perhaps more startling, two to osteosarcoma.

Over the years, we came to know many other greyhound owners. Many of them (like my husband and I) owned multiple greys at the same time.  Of all the owners we came to know and become friendly with, all of them lost at least one greyhound to osteosarcoma.

The hope is to develop awareness of these kinds of breed-related issues and to initiatives, like the dog genome project, that have helped tremendously in our understanding of man’s best friend.

The beauty of creating a series about the dog genome lies in the homogeneity within purebreds.  There’s a mountain of interesting material to touch on – from size extremes, to skull shape differences, to disease susceptibility and life span.

This is one I’m hoping gains interest.

And yes, greyhounds are represented in this video.  If you blink you’ll miss it, but that is indeed a greyhound skull at 00:21.


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