You’re after a result and your visual content has a job.

You’re not here to generate content for the sake of generating content.

Whether you require a simple infographic, a single science explainer video or a multi-episode video series ultimately depends on the result you’re after, the audience you want to reach and the solutions you provide. Our mission is to partner with you to help you create targeted graphics and animations designed and positioned to spread your message and get you closer to your goal.

We encourage data-driven strategies

Your strategy doesn’t start and end with the creation of your science explainer.

Meet the Explainer Engine (E²)

Once your visuals are complete, we help you understand how your content is performing and what’s resonating with your audience so that you can continue to grow and serve. 


“A great outfit for artistic and elegant animations.  They’re remarkably scientifically accurate and whimsical at the same time.  Sciconic is a great partner for Scientific American and our parent company, Nature Research Group.”

Eliene Augenbraun DO PhD | Multimedia Managing Editor, Nature Research Group

“They did a great job bringing our very limited idea for a video to life.  They were easy to work with and provided great insight into how to make the project better.  It surpassed my expectations and we’ve gathered a lot of praise for the final product.”

Christopher Wynder PhD | Director of Client Services, Thinkdox.com

“I have used Sciconic for several animation and social media projects. They understand what it takes to effectively target an audience and consistently go above and beyond to deliver a fantastic product.”

Lisa Willemse | Senior Communications Consultant